Bury Security expert offers training for young people leaving home

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A former RAF Regiment officer is planning personal security courses for young people leaving home.

James Milnes, from Bury St Edmunds, an ex-deputy commander of 27Sq at Honington, is strategic development officer for Hasta UK which runs ‘hostile environment awareness training’ for staff work in trouble spots.

James, who has two teenaged sons, said: “It has struck me that as my boys are reaching the age to fly the nest, they have had very little exposure to the big wide world and the challenges that they will face on their own.”

He feels some personal safety skill taught in the top-end hostile environment courses can be adapted to help young adults prepare for life away from home, whether at university or travelling abroad.

His £65 day-long courses will be held in Bury, according to demand. Contact him at jm@hastauk.com