Bury Post Office closed by national strike over job cuts

Post Office, Cornhill, Bury St Edmunds ENGANL00120121217153447
Post Office, Cornhill, Bury St Edmunds ENGANL00120121217153447
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Bury St Edmunds Crown Post Office is closed today as part of a nationwide strike over job cuts.

The Communication Workers’ Union called the strike to protest against what it sees as attacks on staff’s job security and pensions and in defence of the Crown network and supply chain.

Its general secretary Dave Ward said: “The Post Office is relentlessly pursuing a programme of cuts that will mean a further 2,000 job losses, staff being left tens of thousands of pounds worse off in retirement and the privatisation of its flagship branches. The Post Office is at crisis point and the government has to step in.

“We are making a simple demand. The Government needs to pause the cuts, convene a summit of key stakeholders in the industry and work out a strategy that gives employees and the public confidence that the Post Office has a future.”

The Post Office announced in July that the Bury main post office in Cornhill will close in November and become a fanchised office in the neighbouring W H Smith.