Bury mum urges Havebury to class ‘parlours’ as potential bedrooms

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A mother of six trying to move out of a two-bedroomed flat says she is being blocked from ‘bidding’ for suitable homes because of the way Havebury Housing Partnership classifies them.

Leanne Winfield, from Anselm Avenue, Bury St Edmunds, has been trying to get a four-bedroomed house for more than a year but was not allowed to bid for one that came up in Great Barton because Havebury class it as a ‘three-bedroomed parlour house’.

Ms Winfield says there is a shortage of four-bedroomed homes and argues: “They’re not letting me bid on one that has a separate dining room that could be used as a bedroom.

“The system is not working as it should. There’s a problem they’re not recognising it.”

“I would take a place anywhere,” she said. “We’ve got to the point where my eldest son [12] needs his own space. ”

She added: “I think of all the other families who are desperate and are not getting the chance to bid for houses because they are advertised as having a parlour.”

Philip Sullivan, Havebury’s director of operations, said: “The property being advertised was in high demand for people requiring three-bedroom accommodation.

“Had the property not been required for a family requiring three-bedroom accommodation then Havebury would have considered advertising it to a wider range of applicants.

“We hope that the Winfield family find suitable accommodation that meets their needs.”