Bury leads the race for £1 a litre petrol

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As the RAC predicted today that petrol prices will fall below £1 a litre by the New year, you can already buy it for less than the national average in Bury St Edmunds.

According to the RAC, the average price of unleaded in the UK is 116.9p – nearly 14p cheaper than in January – but according to petrolprices.com you can already buy it for less than that at five Bury petrol stations, with Tesco and Sainsburys cheapest at 112.9p a litre.

The cheapest non-supermarket sites listed are Shell in Newmarket Road and Esso in Great Barton at 113.9p.

The RAC says diesel is almost 16p a litre less than in January with the national average at 122.33p, but in Bury prices start at 118.7p in Asda, which is more than 2p below the supermarket average. Bury Sainsburys is only 0.3p dearer than Asda.

The cheapest non-supermarket diesel price listed is 119.9p at Murco in Newmarket Road and Esso in Great Barton, which is the same price as Bury Tesco.

But the RAC predicts that by January the price could be below £1 for petrol, which would be the lowest since May 2009. That would see the price of filling the average car’s 60 litre tank fall by £18.47 over January 2014.