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Bury cleaner had to take employer to tribunal twice to get compensation

Cineworld where Fatima Douieb worked for Future Cleaning Services ANL-161220-175656009
Cineworld where Fatima Douieb worked for Future Cleaning Services ANL-161220-175656009

A Muslim cleaner who won an employment tribunal for discrimination has been paid nearly £22,000 but only after a charity helped her appeal.

Fatima Douieb from Bury St Edmunds, won an employment tribunal in April against Yorkshire-based Future Cleaning Services, for whom she worked at Cineworld, Parkway, Bury, but the company failed to pay.

Her case was taken up by Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality (ISCRE) who returned to the tribunal which added £1,274.64 in adjustments and interest for non-payment, taking it to to £21,827.14.

It includes £10,000 because discrimination was ‘not a one-off event resulting in mental distress’ affecting her family and ability to work.”

The judgement says the way FCS handled her complaint was ‘insulting’ and it ‘ failed to respond to [the] grievance, showing it perceived her complaint to be trivial.”

Sallie Davies, ISCRE discrimination adviser, said: “The company repeatedly ignored her complaints of religious and race discrimination for months until she could take it no longer and resigned.

“Her supervisor at Cineworld had made it clear she did not trust Fatima because she wears the hijab; she made Fatima clean the toilets all the time and never let her out of her sight.

“This was a woeful tale of an employer who treated her anguished complaints as trivial. So trivial that Future Cleaning Services, a large company, could not be bothered to look at the evidence she produced and consider her grievance properly. It showed that her employer had no concern for her welfare.”

A Cineworld spokeswoman said: “At Cineworld, we treat everyone equally and it’s very important to us that our cinemas are a welcoming and friendly environment for everyone.

“We have raised this matter with the management team of our third-party contracted cleaning company and are confident that they are taking it seriously.”

Future Cleaning Services were asked to comment.

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