Burglar found guilty of stealing more than £14,000 from supermarket in Bury

Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001
Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001
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A burglar cut through a pipe designed to securely transport cash from tills in a supermarket in Bury St Edmunds and escaped with more than £14,000, a court has heard.

Michael Bryon, 35, denied being involved in the theft from Sainsbury’s at Moreton Hall but was today (Friday) found guilty by a jury.

Bryon, of Mosswood Street, Cannock, Staffordshire was jailed for four years by Judge John Devaux.

The prosecution at Ipswich Crown Court alleged that Bryon had been involved in cutting through a pipe used to transport cash in pods from tills to a safe at the store in Bedingfield Way on January 11.

Staff discovered £14,800 was missing after realising that 23 cash transport pods sent from tills were empty.

When police arrived at the supermarket, officers found that access to the roofspace had been gained by forcing open a vent.

Lindsay Cox, prosecuting, said the pipe had been cut to allow pods to be opened and the contents removed before the pipe was made airtight again using sticky tape.

Mr Cox said: “It was an interesting form of theft.”

A sample of DNA recovered from a piece of the tape was later found to match that of Bryon and led to his arrest, the court heard.

Mr Cox told the jury that in 2010 Bryon had pleaded guilty to involvment in an almost identical burglary at a Tesco supermarket in Swindon.

On that occasion, despite admitting an offence of burglary, Bryon claimed he had only acted as a getaway driver. That burglary netted £10,400 after a similar pipe system to the one used at the Bury store was cut.

Bryon, who pleaded not guilty to an offence of burglary at Sainsbury’s, Bury told the jury he was unable to remember where he had been on January 11 but denied having had any involvement with the burglary.

While admitting that he had been in possession of sticky tape of the same type as used in the burglary, Bryon said he had not used any at the Sainsbury’s store although he did know a number of other people who committed offences of that type.