Builder says house-buying experience was ‘terrible’

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A builder has described his ‘terrible’ experience with developers as he twice proved that a house failed to meet building standards.

Henry Kastelik, 54, of London, said his experience trying to purchase a three-bedroom house in Red Lodge had left him and his partner stressed and out-of-pocket.

He was due to complete the purchase of the house, on the Kings Warren development, built by Crest Nicholson, in September.

However, when Mr Kastelik went to view the house with his partner, he noticed several cosmetic problems, including ‘a significant bulge’ in an exterior wall.

He said: “It was only through my building knowledge of what can pass and what can’t that the house has been rebuilt.”

Mr Kastelik, who works as a building services engineer, travelled from London to the property, in Bramble Walk, to measure the wall.

His measurements found the bulge extended 35mm, which is in excess of the 8mm margin granted by the National House Building Council.

Mr Kastelik said that even after Crest Nicholson claimed to have fixed the problem his measurements found the wall extended 19mm, requiring it to be straightened again.

A spokesperson for Crest Nicholson said: “We have worked closely with Mr Kastelik and with contractors in order to resolve matters.

“The property has been fully inspected and approved by the NHBC and is now ready for occupation.”

Mr Kastelik said he had incurred costs in proving the wall was not acceptable and his partner been forced to find alternative accommodation.

The sale has yet to be completed as Mr Kastelik is seeking financial compensation from Crest Nicholson.