Bridge plan to link two popular green spaces

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A CHARITY dedicated to preserving and developing woodland and wildlife is proposing to build a bridge to link two popular green spaces on the Moreton Hall estate.

Woodland Ways has suggested building a bridge over Mount Road to allow nearby residents to enjoy Natterer’s Wood as well as Ten Acre Field.

Although the two sit just 30 metres apart, they are separated by a cutting, with steep sides at each end and Mount Road in the middle, making it almost impossible to cross.

Nick Sibbett, chairman of Woodland Ways, wants to know what people who live or work on Moreton Hall think of the proposal.

“The cost is going to be an issue for many people and, possibly, some people might not like to see a bridge for visual reasons so, we’d really like to gauge the overall opinion of people in the area,” he said.

Alex Jackson, a work experience student at The Landscape Partnerhip, superimposed an image of the Orttewell Road Bridge on to an image of Mount Road, to give an idea of what the bridge could look like.

Mr Sibbett said the proposal was still in its early stages and that a design would need to be approved and permission to build it granted before Woodland Ways could look into the possibility of obtaining grants and other funding.

Natterer’s Wood, famous for being the biggest woodland in Moreton Hall, features a giant bat and art installation carved into the ground while Ten Acre Field, mostly grassland, is famous for its huge number of cowslips and a lightning-struck tree that still shows it scars.

To have your say on the proposal, contact Mr Sibbett on 01284 723847 or email: