Bridge fears by residents

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COUNCIL bosses have said that there are no plans to revisit issues surrounding pedestrians using the Hollow Road bridge, in Bury St Edmunds.

For years, concerns have been raised about the need for a separate footbridge over the railway line and families are still worried about using the road, despite the installation of traffic lights and white lines marking out pedestrian use.

Annie Harrington walks across the bridge every day on her way to work but she arranges to get picked up because she does not feel that it is safe to cross the bridge at night.

“There’s a lot of heavy traffic and large lorries going into the Sugar Factory, at least one going in either direction at any one time,” she said.

Sue and Neville Medcalf live in Hollow Road and use the bridge up to three times a week to walk into town.

“You have to be very careful - I walk towards oncoming traffic, keep close to the wall and keep looking,” said Sue.

Resident Yvonne Hart said that she felt unable to walk her two dogs together because she did not feel safe crossing the bridge as a trio.

She said that one wide pedestrian walkway would have been better than the existing two.

A Suffolk County Council spokeswoman said that access provision over the Hollow Road bridge had recently been assessed.

There had been no reported accidents and recent surveys showed that speeds over the bridge were generally very low.

“There are no plans to revisit or consult on pedestrian access in this area,” she said.