Break-in and flood to bread and cakes

Kim McGinn outside Bun Too Many, a new bakery on the Hardwick shopping precinct.
Kim McGinn outside Bun Too Many, a new bakery on the Hardwick shopping precinct.
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BURGLED and flooded before they had even opened – for many small businesses a setback such as this could have spelled the end.

But not for the McGinn family in Bury St Edmunds.

Six months after their business dream was left in tatters, mum Kim McGinn and her four daughters have launched a new bakery – with a difference.

Bun Too Many, in the Hardwick Precinct, sells all the usual fresh bread, sandwiches and cakes.

But itsalso has a seating area where it serves full English fry ups, while on Saturdays it sells East End -style pie, mash and liquor.

Frances McGinn, one of Kim’s daughters who is helping to run the business, said: “We all live up on the estate.

“The shop was empty and we were all discussing how there has never been a bakery up here and wouldn’t it be a good idea to open one.

“We were supposed to open in April and had moved in all the machinery, but then the property got burgled and they ripped out the water tank and the boiler.

“There was water running down the walls – it was everywhere.”

Unfortunately, the familiy’s insurance cover left them having to dig deep into their own pockets to replace much of the damaged equipment themselves.

“We had to start again from scratch,” said Frances. “But we have been open for a few weeks now and it’s good.

“We have had quite a few of the pensioners saying how happy they are that they haven’t got to go all the way into town in the cold to get a fresh loaf of bread.”

The name for the shop came after Frances was nursing a hangover.

“We all like a glass of wine. We’d been drinking the night before when we were talking about the new shop.

“I had a migrane and I said, I think I’ve had a bun too many – and it stuck,” Frances said.