Brandon stalker claims he did not know he was taking pictures of ex-partner

Court report
Court report
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A man claimed he inadvertently took pictures of his ex-partner in her underwear while trying to see into her bedroom.

Simon James Rolls, 40, of Heath Road, Brandon, told Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court on Monday that he had been using the phone’s camera to see into her bedroom.

“I didn’t realise I had got pictures,” he said.

Rolls had pleaded guilty on January 5 to stalking his ex-partner by posting Facebook messages accusing her of cheating, taking photographs of her in her home and making abusive phone calls. He had been remanded for pre-sentence reports.

On Monday prosecutor Carol Huston said Rolls’ six-year relationship with the woman had broken up on December 4 and she had begun a relationship with someone else.

He put posts on Facebook accusing her of cheating and commenting on her new partner.

On December 27 the woman was trying on underwear in her bedroom in Brandon when she heard the dog barking. Her new partner went to let the dog in and found a ladder, that had been left in the garden, was propped against the conservatory giving access to the bedroom window.

Rolls then started phoning her and on the third occasion it was answered by her son. Ms Huston said Rolls verbally abused him and called the woman a whore.

When he called again, she answered and he said had pictures of her in bed with her partner and of her in her underwear that he would put online.

When he was arrested, police found pictures of her in her underwear on his phone.

Rolls told the police he had gone to ‘clear the air’ and had seen men’s boots on the doorstep but denied threatening to put the pictures on Facebook.

He told the court that he had wanted to see who her new boyfriend was. He said that when her son answered the phone, he thought it was the boyfriend. “I wouldn’t have wanted to upset him because he was like a son to me,” he said.

Rolls was given 12 weeks prison suspended for 12 months with requirements for supervision and 80 hours work. He was ordered to pay £85 costs and £80 victim surcharge and the court ordered the police to delete photographs of the woman from his phone before returning it.