Brandon postie Kevin’s special delivery

Ellen and Kevin Sobiechowski with their special delivery Emilie ANL-141206-110940001
Ellen and Kevin Sobiechowski with their special delivery Emilie ANL-141206-110940001
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Postman Kevin Sobiechowski dropped everything when he realised he had an express delivery coming.

Within seconds he found himself handing his new daughter Emilie Grace to his relieved wife Ellen in Bury St Edmunds Halfords carpark.

The couple, who have a two-year-old daughter Isabelle, had not been too concerned when contractions started at home in Ash Close, Brandon, at about 6pm and West Suffolk Hospital midwives reassured them that there was plenty of time.

Ellen, 30, also did not want to get there too early, but by midnight, Kevin, 34, said he ‘finally forced her’ to set off.

He said: “We got as far as Bury Tesco when her waters broke, so we pulled into the carpark there and phoned the midwife suite. They said we had 10 or 15 minutes and to keep going.

“But we got as far as Halfords and I pulled intot the carpark there and phoned again, but by the time I got from the driver’s seat to the passenger side the baby’s head was out. I just dropped the phone and, literally within five seconds, the whole baby was out.”

He wrapped 7lb 5oz Emilie in his coat and minutes later an ambulance fast response car and emergency ambulance had arrived and with a paramedic in the car they were escorted to hopsital.

Kevin admits: “I couldn’t look when our eldest was born — I’m not very good with blood and stuff — but I just had to get stuck in. She started crying within seconds, which was a great relief.”

Ellen said: “There wasn’t really time to think about it. I came to terms with the fact that she was going to be born. It was a question of where.”

Ellen said that luckily a midwife had run her through what to do in case of an unexpected home labour because she was in labour with Isabelle for only 2.5 hours.

They are just hoping having her place of birth given on her birth certificate as ‘in transit, Halfords’ carpark’ will not cause Emilie any problems in the future.