Bowler Doris leagues ahead at 99

Doris Lomax still plays bowls at the age of 99.
Doris Lomax still plays bowls at the age of 99.
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AT 99 years old, bowls enthusiast Doris Lomax has proved she is leagues ahead of her peers.

After nearly two decades playing the sport, the Stanton resident is determined to keep active and has notched up an impressive array of trophies.

Mrs Lomax, of Shepherds Grove Park, said: “It gets me out and keeps me active. If I don’t play bowls then I try to go for a walk around the site where I live because I’ve got to keep going.”

She started playing bowls aged 80 and was a member of a league in Oxford for about 10 years.

After moving to Stanton 12-years-ago, she has continued to play carpet bowls in Ixworth all year round and short mat matches in Stanton in the winter.

Her determination has amazed her friends and fellow bowls club members.

Neighbour Margaret Howe said: “She’s so alert and with it for 99.”

The great-great-grandmother strives to push herself, learning to swim aged 70 and worked until she was 65.

Originally from Walthamstow, in London, Mrs Lomax remembers being given the rare chance to drive deliveries around the capital for a carbon factory in the 1950s when there were very few female drivers.

In the last 14 years of her career, she worked at John Lewis.

She also uses a computer to type and print her letters.