Boss of Bury St Edmunds firm tells how he has been left in the broadband ‘dark ages’

Paul Glasswell, MD of Glasswells
Paul Glasswell, MD of Glasswells
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The cyber whirl of faster broadband surrounds him, but Paul Glasswell has spoken of his frustration at being left in the technological dark ages.

The managing director of family furniture firm Glasswells in Bury St Edmunds has told how businesses surrounding his Newmarket Road World of Furniture store all have access to fibre optic broadband connections – while he and a handful of residents opposite remain on the slower copper connection.

Paul Glasswell, MD of Glasswells.

Paul Glasswell, MD of Glasswells.

“It is a strange situation – we are surrounded by fibre optic but can’t get to it.

“We are in the middle of a little oasis of old technology,” said Mr Glasswell.

“Music Sales, Towergate, Kent Blaxhill, Lee Gage servicing – they are all on fibre optic broadband.

“We are in the middle and we are still on the old copper connection.

“The cabinet by the road that we are attached to is a copper cable connection, yet 100 yards in one direction and 100 yards in the other, there are fibre optic cables, but we cannot get to them.”

The knock-on effect means that his company is being disadvantaged, he said.

The company has just undergone a corporate rebranding designed to look sleeker and keep it up to date with the 21st century.

But when it comes to updating its website, the slower copper connection means Glasswells is left frustrated as it struggles to keep up.

“When it comes to broadband we are still in the dark ages,” said Mr Glasswell

“BT has said it has no plans at the moment to upgrade this part of the town.

“It effects the work we are doing on our website.

“We are constantly updating it, putting something up every minute of every day.

“The speed of the BT line is the problem and that is something BT could solve but seems unwilling to do so.

Mr Glasswell added that while the Newmarket Road store – Glasswells main headquarters – is without fibre optic broadband, its satelite stores in Haverhill and Ipswich have already been upgraded.

A spokesman for BT said: “We have agreed to a site visit to meet Mr Glaswell to discuss fully the options available to him and the broadband provision in the area.

“The cabinet serving this area has been looked at but is not commercially viable to be upgraded.”

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