Born to be wild but easy riders with your wallet

Alec Sharpe from Old Empire Motorcycles in Redgrave.
Alec Sharpe from Old Empire Motorcycles in Redgrave.
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BIKERS looking for something original to ride have a new name to look for.

Old Empire Motorcycles, at Church Road, Redgrave, has just sold its first OEM Pup bike and is gearing up to make the remaining nine of the limited edition run.

Alec Sharp started the company 18 months ago, though the 24-year-old has been building bikes since he was 18.

The business will have two bike lines. For the well-off enthusiast Alec will make unique one-off bikes, but warns they will be very expensive.

The other line, of which the Pup is a first model, is called OEM Progeny which will all be limited runs of 10 bikes based on completely refurbished, low mileage production bikes. The first Pup was based on a 2008 Royal Enfield Electra X.

Alec said: “The idea is to make custom bikes more available to people. We renovate it then turn it into something completely different.

“We used about half the frame, the wheels and engine. It retails at about 10 grand, that’s not cheap but in bike terms it’s not silly money — a Harley Davidson is around £15,000.”

The cost also takes account of the development work behind the Pup.

“As a first one you spend a lot more time on it than you would for a Progeny bike,” he said. “The whole thing is about repeatability, so as I did things I made patterns for everything and jigs for the next frame.

Alec says he has had a lot of people showing an interest in his bikes, so he hopes the first will help turn those into firm orders.

OEM also has a range of classic motorcycle-inspired clothing. Visit or call 01379 898987.