Bomb disposal squad called to school after pupil’s discovery

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A bomb disposal squad was called to a village primary school after a pupil discovered a curious item.

The drama unfolded at Rattlesden Primary when the pupil found the object while digging between the playground and a ploughed field.

Unsure of how to dispose of it, headteacher Bridget Burke contacted environmental health who told her to call Suffolk Police. Unable to identify the item, the police alerted Colchester Bomb Squad.

The school was advised to set up a 20 metre exclusion zone with the pupils gathered in the playground and the item placed on the meadow at the top of the school.

It was eventually identified as a harmless carbon rod battery.

Mrs Burke said: “Initially I was concerned but intuitively you know it isn’t a concern. I was concerned it could be pressurised. We had to ask the children to leave the site without taking their bags, coats and things. They responded really well. I was relieved when the bomb disposal said it was a battery.” Pupils have been digging at the school following recent building work to set up a new classroom.