Bollards improve safety

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WORK has been completed on transforming Stowmarket Market Place to make it more easily ascessible to pedestrians and to keep vehicles out.

The town council has replaced existing bollards with new ones and aligned them more closely together to prevent cars parking in the area in front of the banks.

The council had received complaints about noise coming from people congregating there with their cars at night time.

Town Mayor Anne Whybrow said the work had been funded from the council’s ongoing works budget.

“We wanted to take the opportunity to replace them and make it a safer place, making it a better space for day time and night time environment.”

There are now three short-stay stop off spaces for people to use to access ATM at the banks.

Cllr Whybrow said there was a perception about what was described as ‘anti-social’ behaviour.

“Youngsters like to get together and have a chat and compare their new wheels.

“You have to recognise that. If people are going to cause a problem you would think they would want to do it somewhere else, somewhere that is less obvious.”