Blaze hits two homes in village

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THE victims of a fire that quickly spread through two properties say they fear their house may have to be demolished.

Sections of Mike and Anne Chambers’ home in Anchor Lane, Lakenheath, have been cordoned off after a neighbour’s bonfire spread on Tuesday afternoon.

The blaze took hold at 4pm, destroying a wooden fence in the Chambers’ garden and then setting light to the rear of their house, a Suffolk Fire Service spokesman said.

Mr Chambers said: “We’ve got no heating, no electric, no water and all my clothes are ruined.

“We are waiting for the insurance now, but I don’t know if they’ll decide that they’ll have to demolish it.”

Three fire crews battled the flames for two hours before a structural engineer arrived to assess the property. The engineer declared a third of the house to be a dangerous structure – putting it out of bounds to the couple who have lived there for more than 40 years.

Tiles have been stripped from the roof and there is extensive smoke damage, according to Mr Chambers.

Neighbour Vanessa Elvin – who also lives next to the house where the fire started – said she feared her Grade II listed house would be caught up in the flames.

“It was very loud and crackling and it smoked the whole street out.

“Quite a lot of smoke has got into the house but I was worried that we’d get caught up in it – it was a scary experience,” she said.

The owner of the house where the fire started was not available for comment.