Bill’s, Bury St Edmunds: Quirky venue but service could be better

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Having heard about this restaurant’s interesting décor I decided to stop by after work to check it out.

The inside is quirky – exposed aluminium pipework in the ceiling, large candles on the tables, shelves stacked high with things like canned olives and a deli type arrangement at the front selling everything from bottles of beer to jars of preserves.

It’s hard to know what to make of it at first but it’s certainly unique and provides quite the talking point – ideal as an ice-breaker for first dates, perhaps.

The seating plan, arranged into several sections, helps create the illusion of intimacy, though on our visit it also happened to shield us from our waiter and made it hard to attract his attention.

The menu is interesting, a kind of American-Mediterranean blend, and provides unusual variety to suit many tastes, including vegetarians.

We started with the crab and prawn cakes, which were lacking in flavour, and the hummus and tzatziki with grilled wholemeal pitta and crudities – a pleasing start, but hard to get wrong.

We moved on to the very tasty ‘sugar and spice’ marinated half chicken and the halloumi and hummus burger which was underwhelming.

I was also disappointed about not being able to order the fish pie without onions - dishes should be adapted to suit people with allergies.

The cheesecake was a winner though and by far my favourite course.

Good menu and buzzing atmosphere but average food and service needs to improve.



Crab, chilli and prawn cakes with baby gem, mango and spring onion salad

Hummus and tzatziki with grilled wholemeal pitta and crudités


Halloumi and hummus - seasame seed bun with grilled halloumi, hummus, baby gem, roasted peppers, sweet chilli and yoghurt served with skinny fries

Chipotle, coriander and lemon marinated half chicken - delicate mix of hot/sweet paprika, chipotle, coriander and lemon, served with chilli buttered corn and sweet potato fries


Blueberry ‘upside down’ cheesecake with amaretti biscuit