Bike thieves leave Craig struggling

Craig Gradidge
Craig Gradidge
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A young man who battled back to work after major surgery has been left stranded and angry after his bicycle was stolen from a bike rack in Brentgovel Street.

Craig Gradidge, 20, was in hospiptal for 12 days after having chest surgery and when he returned to work needed his bike to get to Sports Direct in the town centre from the Mildenhall Road estate where he lives with his father.

He said: “I was so chuffed I could ride to work. Because of my hours the buses don’t work for me and if I use a cab that’s an hours wages gone.”

Craig’s Amoco bike is black and red with distinctive white forks and wheels and cost him more than £300 a year ago.

He used to ride it to work from Rougham before he had the operation when he was working as a van driver. The operation kept him off work for five months and he was glad to get back on the bike to get to his job in Bury as a sales assistant at the sports shop.

He said: “When I walked out from work and saw there was no bike there my re-action was unprintable. I was livid,”

“I now have to leave for work an hour early to walk in and it’s pretty miserable this weather, especially when it’s tipping it down and I see people biking past me like I used to.”

Suffolk Police say that since the beginning of November there have been eight bike thefts in Bury St Edmunds including those from racks in the town.

Sgt Alistair Torkington, of Bury Central Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “We have experienced a rise in bicycle thefts over the past few months across the town, so as an emerging trend this may be adopted as a policing priority at next week’s public meeting with the Safer Neighbourhood Team. We are currently formulating a plan of action to combat bike theft which we intend to put into place in the new year.