Big Draw at cathedral

News from the Bury Free Press
News from the Bury Free Press
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St Edmundsbury Cathedral is inviting people to take part in its ‘Big Draw’ event on Wednesday October 30.

A large strip of paper, stretching down the length of the nave of the cathedral, will be set up for people to draw and sketch on.

People will be asked to draw something in response to the questions ‘What makes this space so special?’, ‘How does it make you feel treading in the footsteps of thousands of people before you?’ and ‘Which part of the building speaks of God to you and why?’

There will also be the option of making rubbings with wax crayons and creating collages using photographs and coloured images.

“We want people to crouch, lie on their backs, find unusual angles and draw,” said Helen Woodroffe, the cathedral’s Children’s Education Officer.

“We will have various media available including charcoal and oil pastels.”

The day is free and visitors are welcome to pop in any time between 10am and 4pm.