BID seeks views on Bury St Edmunds town centre

Mark Cordell , cheif executive of Ourburystedmunds ENGANL00520130624121145
Mark Cordell , cheif executive of Ourburystedmunds ENGANL00520130624121145
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Residents, shoppers and visitors to Bury St Edmunds are being asked to participate in an annual study which aims to improve people’s experiences of the town centre.

Business owners are also being asked complete a separate questionnaire to assess their confidence in the local economy.

The simple online survey, which takes minutes to complete, has been commissioned by the Business Improvement District (BID) organisation Ourburystedmunds to find out why people enjoy visiting the town centre – but also to establish why those who don’t, choose to go elsewhere.

Businesses will be surveyed about trading conditions and the positive or negative aspects of being based in the town.

Mark Cordell, Ourburystedmunds chief executive, said: “This is the fourth such survey we have undertaken and it’s a key indicator of how our town is performing and any improvements that can be made. I hope as many people as possible will take part because the more answers we get, the more accurate the results will be.

“It’s as a result of concerns about parking raised in previous such studies that we were able to negotiate the ‘free from 3’ parking initiative on Tuesdays with St Edmundsbury Borough Council and we’ll continue to take seriously any other issues that come up.

“By talking to both consumers and businesses we can work towards making Bury St Edmunds the ideal place for businesses to operate from. But in order to make that happen we need to know what people really like about our town centre and what needs to be improved.”

The research is being carried out by People and Places, an organisation which helps small towns with information and advice on best practice to face the challenges from bigger cities or out of town shopping.

The study can be found at and researchers are also carrying out some face to face surveys in the town centre.

Paper copies of the questionnaire can also be obtained from the Ourburystedmunds office for those without internet access.

The online survey will remain open until the last week in May.