BID’s Wolf trail idea for Bury St Edmunds needs core funding

Mark Cordell with the wolf sculpture on Rougham Road
Mark Cordell with the wolf sculpture on Rougham Road
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Wolves could decorate Bury St Edmunds’ street scene next year, if a proposal by the town’s Business Improvement District Ourburystedmunds gets the go ahead.

BID chief executive Mark Cordell said the idea was to ‘come up with a variety of life-sized sculptures, made from a variety of materials by local craftspeople’.

The artistic creations - which could be made from metal, wood, cloth, even topiary - would then be placed in public spaces, buildings, possibly businesses too - as part of a ‘wolf trail’ that would be marketed to attract visitors to the town.

The proposal - which has been supported in principle by the county, borough and town councils - could also see the wolves auctioned off for charity during a St Edmunds Day event.

“For 25 wolves, the cost would be around £50,000 and, I think, through the town team and other funding, we need to find 50 per cent of that before we can move forward,” said Mr Cordell.

He has been inspired by the success of similar events elsewhere in the country, including last year’s gorilla trail in Norwich which attracted around a million visitors.

“But we want to use the wolf because of the connotations with St Edmund and we want to use local artists/sculptures,” said Mr Cordell, adding that the proposal was dependent on the BID continuing for a second term.

Votes for the BID renewal ballot have to be in by Wednesday (Dec 3). To be successful, more than 50 per cent of those who vote must vote ‘yes’.