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Bury St Edmunds Town Council vows to put green issues and climate change at top of priority list

Bury St Edmunds Town Council committed to being a more enviromentally-friendly authority at its second meeting last week.

Councillors agreed to work together to improve cycling facilities in the town to encourage more people to travel on two wheels rather than four.

Cllr Richard Rout also put forward a case for ‘bee corridors’, which would see long grass and wild flowers left to grow in allocated areas to boost the dwindling numbers of pollinating insects.


“This isn’t a proposal to leave things to go wild and upset a lot of people. This is a reaction to an awakening around the climate and environment over the last few years,” he said.

“This is an opportunity for the town council to take that and work out how we manage green spaces in the town.”

He added that the project, in partnership with Greener Growth, would cost £7,500, some of which would go towards a website where residents could nominate suitable areas for the corridors.

But some councillors were concerned about the cost of the project and that residents might see it as a way of the council getting out of grass cutting.

The council agreed to support the plans on the condition that a breakdown of costs was drawn up.

Cllr Peter Thompson, town mayor, said: “What a green room we have. We have such an enviromentally conscious group and it’s really good to see.”

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