Beat It! scanner one of the most advanced in UK

RESULT: Hospital staff and major fund raisers with the new TRUSS machine Beat It bought ANL-140623-134703009
RESULT: Hospital staff and major fund raisers with the new TRUSS machine Beat It bought ANL-140623-134703009
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Thanks to your generosity, West Suffolk Hospital now has one of the country’s most advanced prostate scanners.

Because the community got behind the Bury Free Press Beat It! appeal, it raised £11,467 more than the target £55,000, so the hospital was able to buy an even more high tech trans-rectal ultrasound system (TRUSS) than it had hoped for.

Only West Suffolk and Cambridge’s massive Addenbrooke’s Hospital have this technology in the east, allowing patients to be offered new diagnostic services closer to home.

Kay Trabucchi, urology nurse practitioner, said: “We would like to thank all the fundraisers, both the general public and hospital employees, for the opportunity to help us achieve the money to obtain this new TRUSS machine.

“Thanks to this generosity, we have been able to go further –due to the money raised we have obtained a machine with greater technology.

“The trust has received a new MRI scanner and images of the prostate can be transferred across to enable us to target the area of interest and gain more accurate biopsies.

“The new machine also reduces the risk of infection while offering the availability of using ultrasound to help diagnose problems within the bladder and testis. It also allows us to use the technique of trans-perineal biopsy.”

Dave Gooderham, fundraising manager, said: “The whole Beat It! campaign was a wonderful fund-raising appeal for the hospital but also a perfect way of highlighting the generosity of the West Suffolk community. We would like to thank each and every person who supported the appeal and helped raise such a magnificent total.”

Bury Free Press Editor Barry Peters said: “I had high hopes for the Beat It! appeal when we began it in January 2013, but was amazed at its success and the wide ranging support it inspired.

“Donations ranged from jam jar coin collections to cheques for thousands of pounds.

“It was also good to hear that the publicity Beat It! generated spurred many men to get checked but, sadly, several donations were collections in memory of men for whom prostate cancer diagnosis came too late.”