BBC shows death of a soldier

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THE moments in which a soldier from the 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment is shot and killed in a fire fight with the Taliban was shown on TV this week.

The BBC has launched Our War, a series of documentaries, showing the war from the perspective of the soldiers and filmed on cameras fitted to their helmets.

The opening programme on BBC 3 on Tuesday showed the 2007 death of 19-year-old private Chris Gray, from Leicestershire. He was serving with the Royal Anglians, whose regimental home is in Bury St Edmunds.

An MoD spokesman said the programme was being aimed at a younger audience.

“Somebody who is 16 now would have only been six when the September 11 attacks happened. The programme makers wanted to try to put into context and explain what the guys are doing in Afghanistan.

“It shows first hand what the guys are doing – they do an amazing job – and what they live through.”

It is being shown with the consent of Pt Gray’s family and the other soldiers involved, he said.