Base warns families on abductions

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SCHOOL-CHILDREN at RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath have been warned about the risk of abductions following an incident at RAF Feltwell on May 2.

The incident where someone grabbed the back-pack of a school-child was reported to Norfolk Police.

The incident is one of several unsuccessful abduction attempts reported at USAF bases across Europe.

RAF Mildenhall and Lakenheath have warned children living on the bases about the potential risks and given them advice about what to do if anyone approaches them.

Tech Sgt. Michael Price, of the 48th Security Forces Squadron, educates children living on bases about prevention techniques to keep children from being abducted.

He said: “We brief them what to look for when they’re walking home and that its OK to fight back if someone tries to grab them.

“They can push, shove and do whatever they have to do to get away from that person trying to abduct them.”

Tech Sgt Price said that abductors have used things that children like, such as animals or sweets, to try to lure them away from the public and that if children are made aware of this risk they are less likely to become a victim.

Schoolchildren have been told that the best thing to do is always travel with a friend or in a group.

Tech Sgt Price said that living on a base and thinking that things like this couldn’t happen to them can lead people not be vigilant enough.

He said that although Lakenheath makes great efforts to ensure security, there is no way to ensure that incidents won’t happen.