Barbara in pole position for the 10/10 challenge

Barbara Macdonald with her Nordic Walking poles
Barbara Macdonald with her Nordic Walking poles
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Barbara Macdonald will be among the 30 fittest fundraisers for Beat It! who start their 10km for 10 Days challenge next Thursday.

The fundraising challenge in support of our campaign to buy a prostate scanner for West Suffolk Hospital was dreamt up by hospital staff as a healthy way of raising funds.

Barbara, from Cockfield, is a keen Nordic walker, so it is the ideal fund raiser for her to get involved in.

“I’m coming up to a big birthday,” she said. “I’m 70 in a few weeks time and it’s to say ‘yes, I’m fit, I’m healthy, aren’t I lucky’ and if I can raise some money, so much the better.

“My background is nursing, so I know how much needs to be bought. I know a number of people whose husbands have been affected by prostate cancer and I think it’s a very good thing to support.”

Barbara worked at West Suffolk Hospital many years ago, finishing her career in London.

Nordic Walking was invented to keep skiers fit when there was no snow and involves walking with ski-style sticks to keep the upper body exercised.

Barbara said: “I go out once a week with a group who’ve been meeting for years, going round Suffolk to different venues.”

Doing 10km every day until December 14 will be more intensive, but she is ready for it.

“I’ve got my route,” she said. “It’s part cross country and part road walking. I’ve been trying it out. Folk will see me around the village.”

You can sponsor her at

For the not so healthy Beat It! supporters WSH’s human resources department is having a cake sale on the Friday.

In addition, the month of fundraising by the hospital’s IT staff, to be split between Beat It! and the Movember charity, will end with a special gig by local band a Lick and a Promise at the Gym Bar in Bury.

You can donate to Beat It! at