Author shines light on shrouded world

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A SUFFOLK journalist and author has released a book charting the mysterious life of Youssef Nada, former foreign emissary for Egypt’s secretive Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr Nada is a figure who has long been shrouded in mystery.

He joined the Muslim Brotherhood at the age of 17 and was imprisoned, tortured and accused of terrorism on his way to becoming a successful businessman and key figure in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Douglas Thompson, of Lavenham, has worked in journalism in London and Los Angeles and written more than 20 books.

He said: “It was a good story and I was completely impartial. All I wanted to do was tell his story”.

Mr Thompson said he saw the book as a way of Mr Nada being able to record both his story and that of a political group that had attracted sensational headlines.

“At least his side has been told and put on record – in 10 or 50 years time there’s an account”, he said.

From 2010, Mr Thompson and Mr Nada conducted a series of face-to-face interviews that resulted in a friendship and a biography.

Mr Thompson said: “What was fascinating was sitting with him when history was happening.

“I was with him when the new parliament came in and when Morsi was elected”.

“He’s just a very straightforward guy who answers everything, talks about suicide bombers and everything. He provokes people to think.”

Inside the Muslim Brotherhood: Yousseff Nada with Douglas Thompson was released on August 30.