Auditors unearth ‘lost’ rural hamlet

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Residents have been discovered stranded in a tiny hamlet on the outskirts of Brandon.

The six electors of Wangford were unearthed by external auditors rifling through paperwork at Forest Heath District Council.

The exacting auditors asked to see a report of the parish’s annual meeting but were told that no word had come from the rural abyss.

Letters were sent in an attempt to contact the Wangford six who were asked if they would like to hold a parish meeting, but no response was received.

A second attempt at contact was made on Wednesday when a meeting was held to discuss the hamlet’s future.

However, the six failed to attend the event held in Brandon, the closest available meeting place.

By law any group of people classified as a parish has to hold a meeting each year to raise any issues or concerns they may have.

At this meeting they have the option to introduce a council tax precept.

Forest Heath District Council is now tasked with alleviating auditor’s concerns the village could again fall off the radar by finding representation for Wangford at a parish level.

One option is for the hamlet, which is predominantly picturesque farmland, to be adopted by a neighbouring parish.

A Community Governance Review will now be held to start the process of changing parish boundaries.

Forest Heath District Councillor, Tony Simmons, said: “As far as Wangford residents are concerned they can contact their district ward members. We will always take up any matters they have.”