Attack caller ‘told off’ for using 999

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POLICE are investigating a complaint by the owner of a shop in St Olave’s Precinct about their treatment of him after he reported incidents which he says involved racial abuse.

Delil Simsek runs the fried chicken shop on the Howard Estate and claims that when his cousin was attacked in the shop, police complained that he had used the wrong phone number to call them.

Mr Simsek was coping with a medical emergency at West Suffolk Hospital after his wife suffered complications after the birth of their son when his cousin, Cahit, who was helping at the shop, rang Delil to say vinegar and salt bottles had been thrown at his face.

He had been waiting half an hour for police to arrive and asked Delil to phone them.

Delil said he contacted them on a number stored on his phone, but this had gone to 999 instead of Bury Police Station.

He said police arrived at the hospital and critcised him for using a 999 number.

“She’s telling me off because I called them” he said. “Instead of coming to the hospital they should have gone to the shop and looked for these people.”

Delil, a British citizen born in Turkey, said the attack on his cousin was the latest racial abuse suffered by workers at his fried chicken shop and an Indian food outlet in St Olaves Precinct.

He said that last week someone was attacked outside the shop and he dialled 999. He said the police arrived quickly but when he tried to explain what he had seen, he claimed a sergeant pushed him away, saying ‘I don’t want to know’. No-one took a statement until he went to the police station the next day.

“Is it fair for these people to abuse me and police tell me off?” he said. “I feel the police are on their side not mine.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Officers from the Bury St Edmunds East/West Safer Neighbourhood Team are fully aware of the concerns of businesses on the Howard Estate in relation to anti-social behaviour and all incidents reported to them are taken seriously and dealt with accordingly.

“The gentleman has raised concerns with us about the way he has been treated and this is now part of an internal investigation.

“The actions from the evening will be looked at and we will report back to the gentleman with our findings once those involved have been spoken to.”