Asbestos could be present in 350 schools in Suffolk

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Hundreds of Suffolk schools could contain asbestos, new figures have revealed.

A Freedom of Information request to Suffolk County Council has shown there are 350 schools in the county which could be affected.

A spokeswoman for the council said a programme of annual condition surveys are carried out at all sites to monitor the condition of the asbestos, with people appointed to monitor any changes in condition on a day-to-day basis between surveys.

She said: “The Health and Safety Executive has examined our management system and indicated it is satisfied with our procedures.

“From our surveys we know that the only asbestos present in schools is in the form of solid materials such as asbestos cement where the asbestos fibres are firmly locked in the matrix of the material.

“This sort of Asbestos only represents a threat when it is disturbed. At any other time it does not represent any threat.”

Cllr Lisa Chambers, cabinet member for environment and property management, said the council’s asbestos management plan ‘ensures the right steps are taken’ to minimise the health risks to everyone concerned.