Armed siege dad who ‘was protecting family’ from drug gang in Bury St Edmunds is jailed

Armed siege on oakes road howard estate bury st edmunds
Armed siege on oakes road howard estate bury st edmunds
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An armed siege in Bury St Edmunds was trigged by a firearms incident when a man was threatened by a masked gang in his own home.

Michael Scully armed himself with a replica handgun and shot into the air outside a house in Cumberland Avenue where he believed one of his attackers lived.

But his attempts to frighten the men from threatening him, his partner and his baby son backfired when a witness alerted police.

They traced him, and after an armed siege arrested him.

Inside his home they found 30 cannabis plants being grown.

Scully, 29, of Oakes Road appeared before Ipswich Crown Court on Wednesday. He pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, and possession of cannabis.

He also admitted beiing in breach of a suspended prison sentence given in January for money laundering.

Judge Roderick Newton jailed Scully for a total of two years including six months for breaching

the suspended sentence.

Prosecutor Lori Tucker said that the firearms incident took place on the afternoon of August 17.

After being told that a man Scully was looking for did not live at the Cumberland Avenue house, Scully had armed himself with what appeared to be a handgun, which he fired into the air.

Mrs Tucker said other people including children, had been in the street and saw what happened. One witness chased Scully’s car which had stopped and reversed towards him before leaving the area.

The court heard that the replica weapon used by Scully had never been found.

Stephen Spence, defending, said that Scully’s intention had been to frighten off the men wearing balaclava masks who had burst into his home and who were drug dealers concerned that he was ‘moving onto their turf’ by growing cannabis.

He said Scully was only growing the drug for his own use to save money.

“He decided he had to do something to avert any harm to himself or his family,” Mr Spence said.

“The public expected the courts to deal severely with incidents involving firearms, said Judge Newton.