Architects to look at access lift for Bury’s Cupola House

Cupola House ENGANL00120121217153544
Cupola House ENGANL00120121217153544
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The architects for the rebuilding of fire damaged Cupola House have agreed to look at installing disabled access lifts.

Campaigner Simon Harding has welcomed the change of heart over the historic Bury St Edmunds building, having been told at a planning committee meeting that there was no statutory requirement and the issue had been considered for a 2000 renovation.

Mr Harding was joined at a meeting last week on the site with developers and planners by Bury resident Lord Tebbit, whose wife has used a wheelchair since being injured by the 1984 Brighton hotel bomb.

Mr Harding said: “They seemed to be relying on an assessment from 2000 when they came to the conclusion it wasn’t possible. Had they looked at it again in the light of modern access equipment they would have seen things had changed.”

He said he gave them details of lifts which require no equipment below their location.

The architects Purcell wrote to him on Monday saying that while they do not agree with all his findings, they will look at the implications of providing platform lifts at the Skinner Street and Traverse entrances to the building.