Appeal to dog owners in Bury St Edmunds

Dog fouling sign in Bury St Edmunds
Dog fouling sign in Bury St Edmunds
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People are being encouraged to clear up after their dogs following a recent spate of dog mess on a Bury St Edmunds estate.

Councillors say dog fouling has become a real issue on Moreton Hall in recent weeks, particularly in Symonds Road, Lady Miriam Way and the footpaths around the Flying Fortress play area and between Mount Road and Skyliner Way.

Cllr Frank Warby said he had encountered people exercising who refused to pick up after their dogs who were following behind.

“Cyclists and runners with dogs have got to take responsibility,” he said.

Cllr Clive Springett suspects just a couple of dog owners are to blame but said ‘it’s needless and totally irresponsible’.

“It’s people letting their dogs off the lead and letting them get out of sight so they can’t see what they’re doing,” he said.

The borough council has put up extra signs to remind people to clear up after their dogs.