Appeal to dog owners

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A COUPLE who were mauled by four dogs while out walking near their Bury St Edmunds home have appeared on television.

Roy and Karen Clarke, of Severn Road, were featured on BBC’s Inside Out on Sunday making an appeal for animals that attack people to be automatically destroyed.

Mrs Clarke, 49, has been left with scars on her arms and back while her husband, 49, has been left with a scar on his left hand following an attack by a Rottweiler, an Alsatian and two Staffordshire bull terriers in March last year.

The dogs that attacked them had escaped from a nearby house and the couple’s two Cairn terriers were also seriously harmed.

None of the dogs were destroyed but the owner of the Rottweiler and Alsatian was given a court order to muzzle the dogs when they go out.

Mr Clarke said that ordering dogs to be muzzled would not prevent attacks like his by dangerous dogs that escaped.

He said: “My whole reason for going on TV is because I think the rules are wrong.

“I’m the greatest dog lover but if mine hurt anyone I’d have them put down and I wouldn’t think twice about it. Such a small percentage actually get destroyed – we’ve got to be responsible dog owners.”