Appeal permission for Nunn

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Convicted killer Kevin Nunn has won permission from the highest court in the land to appeal for the disclosure of evidence.

Nunn, of Woolpit, was convicted of murdering ex-girlfriend Dawn Walker, in November 2006 and is serving a minimum 22-year sentence.

Kate Maynard, of Hickman and Rose, in London, which is representing Nunn, said the Supreme Court will now hear his substantive appeal over the disclosure of evidence relating to the case. His legal team want to re-examine forensic evidence in the case, which has been refused by Suffolk Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

The move follows judge Sir John Thomas’ comments earlier this year that Nunn’s case raises issues of ‘general public importance’ relating to the Crown’s duty to disclose evidence post conviction.

He certified those issues as fit for consideration by Supreme Court judges.