Appeal for Opossum bell

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A SUBMARINE captain wants to track down a bell from one of his former vessels after it was sold to a pub in Bury St Edmunds.

Commander Paul Blythe, captain of the HMS Vengeance, wants to find out which pub bought the bell from the decommissioned HMS Opossum in 1993.

The bell contains an inscription of his son Anthony’s name after he was christened on board the submarine.

Cdr Blythe, who was the last navigator and operations manager on Opossum, said: “When it was decommissioned the bell should have been given to one of the children christened on board.

My son’s name was the only one inside the bell. However, Margaret Thatcher decided you could not give away Government property. I rang the auctioneer, asked how much for the bell and was told £200.

“I put in a bid for £400 but a pub in Bury bought it for £750 and I’ve never been able to find out which pub.”

Anyone with information about the bell or details of the pub which bought it should contact