Apex celebrates two years’ entertaining

Tony Doherty The Apex has its second birthday and Tony has spoken about its value to the town
Tony Doherty The Apex has its second birthday and Tony has spoken about its value to the town
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THE Apex in Bury St Edmunds celebrates its second birthday this month with increased ticket sales and a host of accolades to its name.

The £18.2 million venue, owned by St Edmundsbury Borough Council, is on an ‘upward curve’, according to its director Tony Doherty, who says its range of entertainment has inspired a new generation.

Despite criticism over the cost of the building, it has been named as one of the top 100 venues in the country and has been recognised by the Civic Trust as a project which has made an outstanding contribution to the quality and appearance of the environment.

Ticket sales have increased by just over 10 per cent, with rises in rock, classical music and folk.

Mr Doherty said: The team at The Apex has worked extremely hard over the past two years to launch the venue and build its reputation, and the growth we have experienced in the past year shows that our hard work is paying off.

It’s on every genre of music. It’s a growing curve and everything is still heading up. We are incredibly busy and it’s a major venue in the top 100 venues. It’s a costly building but now we have our feet under the table, there’s a real opportunity to look at some of those costs and see how we can make it better value for the people in Bury.”

Mr Doherty added that the amount of joy and breadth of professional standards of musicianship the venue had brought to Bury had inspired many young people.

“It’s important to reflect what culture can add to a town but it’s also about lowering the cost per head.

“It’s obviously big challenge because it’s such a big building project. Staff work really hard to provide great entertainment.”

Mr Doherty added that they hoped to build on the success and continue to nurture the venue’s music programme and establish The Apex on the national circuit.

“We know we’ve got some of the best facilities in East Anglia and the popularity of Mumford & Sons showed us there’s a real hunger for bigger acts to perform in Bury,” he added