Apache scalps power line

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POWER to 373 homes was cut off after a Wattisham Apache clipped cables.

The Army said the two crew of the attack helicopter were unhurt on Tuesday night and the machine made a ‘controlled precautionary landing’ in a field next to Jimmy’s Farm, Belsted, at about 10.20pm.

A spokesman said: “As with all incidents involving military aircraft, there will be a thorough investigation into the cause. The helicopter is having a technical inspection and once the authorities are content it can be moved it will be flown back to Wattisham.”

UK Power Networks said the Apache struck cables near Tattingstone. Most users were reconnected by 12.10am, though 14 were off until 12.35pm Wednesday.

Les Waters, UK Power Networks’ area manager said: ”Fortunately incidents like this are very rare but when they happen it’s our job to make the area safe, repair the damage and restore power supplies as quickly as is safely possible whilst causing a minimum of inconvenience. “This is not an easy fix; it is a significant repair job. We have had more than 20 people on site and I am proud of the way they have all pulled together. Work was continuous until 1.50pm on Thursday when we finished restoring the network to its normal state.”