Ambulance service’s scouts are prepared

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East of England’s new paramedics will have new fast response cars to drive as the trust next week starts using the first of its 110 Skoda Octavia Scouts.

The four-wheel drive estates will replace a variety of makes and models used by the fast response paramedics and by June 2014 will be joined by 145 new accident and emergency ambulances.

Paul Henry, associate director of operations support, said: “We are moving as quickly as possible to ensure these vehicles are on the road in a timely manner.

“Our fleet team are currently completing the procurement process and we anticipate that 50 of the new ambulances will be in service before Christmas and a further 47 coming into service during March 2014.”

In the last 3 months the trust has recruited 68 emergency care assistants and 61 paramedics of a target 351 new front line staff.

For Suffolk the Trust has recruited 60 per cent of the 47 new paramedics and ECA it wants to recruit. Some have already become operational.