Agency row could split couple for 10 years

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A WOMAN is facing up to the possibility of her husband being banned from the UK for ten years after a dispute with the Border Agency.

Leighsa Henderson’s American husband, Scott, has been blocked from visiting his wife and their eight-year-old son in Lakenheath after they made a clerical error on a previous visit.

The couple now have 28 days to appeal against the decision but if it is rejected, Scott could be banned from entering the UK for a decade.

Mrs Henderson said: “We made a mistake on his last visit but we have held our hands up and told them where we went wrong.

“All we want to do is spend two weeks together so he can see his son and make our marriage stronger.”

The situation arose after the couple mistakenly thought a divorce had been completed when they previously separated in 2006.

That meant that when Scott visited in May 2010 - the couple having been reunited by this point - they told officials that they were engaged.

They have since discovered that the marriage still legally stood, meaning an application for a visit for this September was accompanied by a marriage certificate dated 2005 - a document seen as ‘fraudulent’ by the Border Agency as they had said they were not married in 2010.

Mrs Henderson said her husband just wanted to raise his child.

“He’s in college, trying to do the right thing and he wants to be a father but it’s so frustrating,” she said.