Advice for cyclists and Hallowe’en

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DUE to the success of the last bike- marking event on Moreton Hall, police will be holding another event next weekend.

During a mid-week session in August, 38 bikes were marked and organisers are hopeful the next one, to be held at the Moreton Hall Community Centre from 11am-2pm next Saturday, will be even more successful.

A police spokeswoman said: “Please come along and see us, this is your opportunity to have your property marked with a UV Pen, free of charge.

“Every year we have many bikes that have been separated from their owners, by having yours marked it makes it possible for us to return them back to you, if it was ever lost or stolen.”

In the run-up to Hallowe’en, police have issued advice to residents on how to ensure a safe and enjoyable weekend.

These include staying in well-lit areas and being visible to traffic, not frightening elderly people or younger children, respecting a person’s wishes if a sign reads ‘no trick or treat’ and not entering a house unless you know the person.