Addict is caught on third visit to shoplift

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Matthew James Eke’s luck ran out on his third shoplifting visit to Marks and Spencer in six days because of a sharp eyed CCTV operator.

The operator zoomed in on him as he entered the store last Saturday because she was certain he had stolen a basket of meat on the Monday and some whisky and brandy on Thursday, Nikki Miller, prosecuting, told Bury St Edmunds Magistrates Court.

As the operator watched, he made for the back door of the Bury St Edmunds store with a basket of meat, to the value of £116.50, but police were waiting for him.

On Monday, Eke, 36, of Mayfield Road, Bury, admitted two charges of stealing meat and one of stealing alcohol to the value of £47.49.

Ms Miller said he had 27 convictions for theft between 1997 and 2012.

She added that Marks and Spencer had banned him from all their stores.

David Stewart, defending, said Eke, who had a drugs problem, had been sent to prison by the same court on October 1 for 28 days and had served half his sentence. He said that on release his prescription had either not been provided in time or was too low a dose so his craving returned and he stole to buy drugs.

Eke was jailed for two weeks, consecutive, for each offence.