Actor Tom Conti joins the debate over the murder conviction of Kevin Nunn

Kevin Nunn ANL-140319-140727001
Kevin Nunn ANL-140319-140727001
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Actor Tom Conti has joined the campaign to get forensic evidence released in a bid to overturn the conviction of Kevin Nunn, jailed for life for murdering his ex girlfriend Dawn Walker.

The actor became involved in the Inside Justice campaign when researching a novel he has written and told Sky News that he believed there was reasonable doubt over Nunn’s conviction for the murder in 2005.

Miss Walker’s partially clothed and burned body was found by the River Lark in Fornham St Genevieve.

A bid by Nunn’s lawyers to compel Suffolk Police to release DNA evidence was thrown out by the Supreme Court last year.

Speaking to Sky Mr Conti said: “Kevin Nunn never ever admitted guilt. To exist in prison all this time not having admitted guilt is not easy to hold to and is a very good pointer to the possibility of someone telling the truth. Why would this man be so keen to have all this DNA tested if he was the killer?”

Nunn’s sister Brigitte told Sky: “A lot of it is circumstantial, hearsay and assumption. We just want to get to the truth. We are not asking for anything that’s not there.”

Kirsty Walker, Dawn’s sister said: “This is distressing. I know he did it and he is in the right place.

Sheena Walker, Dawn’s younger sister added: “Even if the DNA is released it’s my understanding it was not a convicting factor and that’s the whole point.”

Suffolk Police said: “The decision to refuse the request for material in this case was not taken lightly. Suffolk Constabulary took appropriate steps to seek legal advice both from county solicitors and the Crown Prosecution Service. to ensure that this decision was lawful and appropriate.”