Action over waste outside restaurant

Bags of rubbish left outside Prezzo in Bury.
Bags of rubbish left outside Prezzo in Bury.
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Action is being taken to resolve ongoing concerns about waste being left overnight outside a branch of a national restaurant in the historic heart of Bury St Edmunds.

Staff at Prezzo are piling the rubbish bags, in Angel Lane, which is believed to be attracting animals who are opening them and causing the waste to spill out into the street.

The restaurant and St Edmundsbury Borough Council have moved to tackle the issue after residents complained to Cllr Patrick Chung.

He said: “I reported it straight away to the waste management team. It isn’t very good for the town and it’s a bit unhealthy.”

Bosses at the restaurant say the rubbish has had to be left out overnight because they have been first on the council’s waste collection route when staff have not yet started work.

However, the authority has agreed to move the pick up to a later time of 10.30am so the rubbish bags can be kept in the restaurant overnight and put out at 10am.

Eddie Gershon, spokesman for Prezzo, said: “We strive to enjoy good relations with residents living close to our restaurants.

“We apologise if there have been issues with rubbish bags outside our restaurant in Bury St Edmunds.

“From now on the council has agreed to change the time of collection of our bags.

“This should resolve the problem of animals opening the bags and causing a mess.”

A spokeswoman for the borough council said following the complaints their street sweepers ‘dealt immediately with the unfortunate mess caused by waste from the restaurant being spread over the street’.

The authority’s waste and environmental health officers have been working with the restaurant ‘to identify why it occured’.

She added: “The premises have been used to sell food since 1997 and as well as checking what is now leading to this problem, we are investigating how to reduce the likelihood of it happening again.”