999 for hit and run squirrel

Don't waste the 999 services time  ENGANL00120130613132032
Don't waste the 999 services time ENGANL00120130613132032
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Two ambulance crews were scrambled to a hit and run before the caller revealed the victim was a squirrel.

That, along with tight shoes and even a bleeding burger, were among the daft calls East of England Ambulance Trust has had to its 999 emergency service this year.

The squirrel lover even harangued the controller saying: “Is it OK for a little squirrel to die?”

But the trust says that while its staff deal with such calls, people could be dying.

Urging the public to use 999 wisely, its Right Call campaign highlights the time waster calls.

They include a woman who phoned because her dog was vomiting blood – she was advised to call a vet.

There was the woman who had locked herself out, a man complaining of tight shoes and a man wanting a lift to a hospital appointment because he had no cash.

A woman wanted help because she had eaten too much while a man said his dieting was making him lethargic.

The trust gets an average 2,500 calls a day, including: “I’ve dropped my burger and its bleeding.”