£5.6m aid for troubled families

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NORFOLK will receive up to £5.6 million over the next three years to help its 1,700 ‘troubled families’.

The county is among 10 with the largest number of troubled families in England and has agreed to use a unique payment by results system unveiled by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles on Wednesday.

It will deliver up to £4,000 per family to help get children back to school, reduce youth crime and anti-social behaviour, put adults on a path back to work and reduce the cost of dealing with the families.

Council Leader Derrick Murphy said: “We really welcome this additional investment for Norfolk, which will help us to support the 1,700 families most in need in the county.

“This will enhance the work we already have underway and help to reinforce our commitment to early intervention and prevention. By working together we want to help families identify and solve their problems, rather than simply reacting to them – reacting alone is far more costly both to the children involved and the public purse.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “I’m committed to transforming the lives of families stuck in a cycle of unemployment, alcohol abuse and anti-social behaviour, where children are truants from school - troubled families who cause such negativity within their communities and who drain resources from our councils.

“I’m heartened that so many local authorities are alert to this challenge and are ready to take forwards our plans to bring about real change.”