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Two brothers are to install life saving defibrillators in Bury St Edmunds in memory of their father after raising £5,000 through a mammoth darts event.

Paul and Jay Hicklin want to buy two of the heart reviving machines for the public to access with money collected at the 24 hour darts marathon.

The move is in tribute to their father Will, who died aged 64 last April after suffering a cardiac arrest while working at a remote farm.

It is also part of the Hearts and Goals campaign by Midlands based charity Arrhythmia Alliance.

They believe that if a defibrillator had been nearby their father, of Ingham, who was a builder and handyman, may have survived.

Paul, 44, of Bury, said: “We want to remember Dad and do something really positive in the process .”

They plan to install one of the defibrillators at Bury Fire Station and have yet to decide on a location for the other.

The machines are in wall mounted boxes, which can be accessed by calling the ambulance service. Paul thinks the law should be changes to make it compulsary to have defibrillators in public places. He said: “The chances of living if you have one of these nearby is dramatically increased.”

They were supported during the darts marathon at the Royal Anglian Club, in Newmarket Road, Bury, by their father’s former darts team.

They aim to continue their fundraising drive to purchase more defibrillators with a cricket match in the summer, a race night at the Royal Anglian Club and potentially another 24 hour darts event.

Visit www.heartsandgoals.org and to make a donation email paul@compleatoffice.co.uk