The Demodes’ Olympic gig

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UPCOMING Newmarket four-piece The Demodes are looking forward to the next big gig in their home town - where they will be playing as the Olympic Torch is carried by.

The band, made up of front man Jack Adamson, 17, lead guitarist Tony Rippingale, 19, bass player Josh Matthews, 17, and drummer Dan Owen, 18, have had a frantic 2012 - playing a host of gigs in East Anglia and releasing an EP.

And on July 7 the band are playing a special gig at the White Lion in Newmarket as the Olympic Torch makes it way around the county.

Guitarist Tony said they were looking forward to welcoming the torch into their home town.

He said: “We play quite old fashioned stuff - The Beatles are probably our biggest influence.

“The name Demode itself is actually French for old fashioned.

“We have an exciting gig on July 7 as it is the day the torch comes to Newmarket.

“There is going to be a big party and barbecue and we will be playing as the Olympic Torch is carried by. It is really exciting. The drummer was going to ask if they minded if he could use the torch to play his drums with - I can’t imagine they will let him though.”

The band recently released their first EP, Summertime, recording everything in a makeshift portable studio. Tony said it gave them power to create the EP they wanted.

He said: “We created a studio at home and I produced the EP myself.

“I have found at some studios they don’t really listen to your own ideas so we went the DIY route and did it ourselves. It was quite makeshift but it sounds really good.

“Our plan for the future is to get out there and play as many gigs as we can and to get our name out there.”

The full EP can be listened to and downloaded at

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